Mothering the Creative Spirit

KCP - May 2016 Featured Artist - Amy Haderer

A celebration for “MOTHER’S WITH PASSIONS” and honoring the midwife and doula community while embracing the beauty and power of what the female body is capable of. This was an extraordinarily beautiful display of local and non local mothers who are inspired by life.

We are celebrating May as the month of women who have chosen the gift of motherhood; as well as, who had dreams and maybe put them aside for being a mother, or are still pursuing/living.  This art showing was in honor of the mother and female mind/body/heart/soul and her dreams, passions, and love for who she is and what she creates.  Now is the  time to bring forth your gifts to the world.

We at KCP Gallery honors you and your creative spirit!

Live Body Painting was provided by Niki Blue, live music by Tony Perez, Joseph Menton, and Christina Huxley.

The STAR GODDESS ARTISTS of the show were Amy Harderer, Melissa Windell, Jitka Perez, Kirsten Vera, Gina Bare, Marian Stonacek, Maggie Stewart, Diane Martinis, and Suzan Reynolds. Each original piece of art represents a beautiful message and story.

Featured Artist: Melissa Windell
windme33 [at]

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