About Us

KCP is the only community arts co-working space with a gallery, art and music studios plus workshop space in the western United States!

The Kay Carol & Priscila | Gallery and Working Art Studios is a community arts co-working space. KCP Gallery is a home base for many resident artists who have their studios in-house as well as a gallery of local art, classes, meetings, events, and more. Live art, live music, and a powerhouse of creativity can be found promoting arts and artists at 364 Main Street in Longmont CO.

Currently we have 4 artists with in-house studios, and over 40+ consignment artists, who are almost all local Colorado or Longmont residents. We support our artistic community; please join us in appreciating local work.

Kay Carol and Priscila

The gallery name, Kay Carol and Priscila (KCP), was chosen based on the names of the owners mother’s. Tony’s mother was Kay Carol and Marcelo’s mother was Priscila. Marcelo’s passion and love for both his mother and art was the inspiration behind the business and its name.

Tony and Marcelo in front of KCP

Tony Camp & Marcelo Fernandez