Class Offerings

The KCP Gallery staff has many years of teaching experience and unlimited expertise! Prices for each class will vary depending on time and materials involved.


Beginner Wire Wrapping:  Our resident artist, spiritual guide and jeweler Trixie teaches wire wrapping once a month. Join us for our Healing Arts Fair the first Saturday of each month!

Collage/Soul Collage:  Create a beautiful collage card of your soul essence.

Composition in Photography:  Learn basic tips for composing a photo.

Drawing:  Join our staff for gentile guidance through exercises based on Julia Cameron’s book: “Drawing on the Right Hand Side of the Brain.” Drawing is simply a process of learning to see.

Life Masks:  Have your face cast and use the casting to create a mask. Explore the many faces you show to the world.

Mandalas:  Make a personal mandala for the pure pleasure of it. Guided meditation and music will help you to travel.

Matting and Framing:  Frame those pictures you have had hanging around the house. Creative techniques taught. Alter your frame. Stamp on your mat…endless possibilities.

Mixed Media Collage and Assemblage

Mosaics:  Learn several techniques for making mosaics from table tops to garden rocks, materials and methods will be explored. The possibilities are endless.

Paper Altering and Book Making techniques

Plein Air Painting:  Fun and loose paintings done in the alley at KCP. 8×10 canvas or smaller, oils preferred; have your supplies ready!

Printmaking:  Printmaking is fun and easy and one can print with almost anything from potatoes to your own hand carved designs. Gelli Printing is mono printing on a gelli plate producing stunning results. Prints can be used for cards, book covers, collage and more.

Social Media:  Get onboard!

Vision Boards:  Visualization and manifestation, collage your dreams!

Yard Art:  Add some whimsy to your garden. Classes include rock mosaics, bird baths, stepping stones, garden towers, plate flowers and plant stands.

Zentangles:  Zentangles are miniature pieces of unplanned, abstract art created with simple, structured patterns called tangles. It is a form of artistic meditation.

Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking, Papier Machet, T-Shirts, Masks, Origami, Collage, Bookmaking, Kites and more………


CONTACT TRISH SINGELYN: or call (928) 460-0032 to schedule a class today!